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My Musical Performances

The performance of a SOLO violin is the most common.In addition ,performance of a SOLO cello or harp is also well received.However ,SOLO violin is more advantageous; a violinist can move around the venue (indoor or outdoor) without any restriction.On top of this a violinist is able to play music by heart without any need of a music stand and scores which can prove very useful in case of bad weather conditions( e.g. strong wind). On our webpage you may look at pictures or watch  videos of SOLO violin performances at different moments of a wedding;  when the bride arrives among moving  melodies ,during the coctail drink with electric sounds (cover music) or during the weddind party together with the DJ.



All couples on the verge of marriage dream of their own heavenly wedding. A pinch of wonderful music could make it happen!

While the guests are waiting for you wandering around the venue melodic music with classical or electric sound played by one or more musicians would add a delightful tone to these moments.

When the bride arrives ,splendid melodies can make sentiments reach their peak.

Your vows for eternal love can be framed with your own favourite melody.

Live music suits to every stage of your wedding : cocktail drink,first dance of the couple, at the beginning of or even during the wedding party ,whenever you wish!

Just let us know and we will make it happen!

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Our aim is to offer an unforgettable music experience to all the attendees of any corporate event you intend to organise.When it comes to music we address each of you desires and ,based in our experience ,we may also make our own proposals to enhance even further this music experience.

Our repertoire is shaped according to your own demands.You may choose among different patterns of music bands such as o Solo Electric Violin playing together with the DJ, a Duo or a Trio with classical music ,or even a String Quartet as a little orchestra.

The great variety of music which we provide shall satisfy even the most demanding taste!

Violin Events Music always provides high -quality services with a strong sense of commitment and professionalism.

Please feel  free to contact us, share with us your plans for the corporate event and let us take care...

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